• Craig Brown

5 reasons you shouldn't use a listicle

Every time you see a post with a title like this you cringe, don't you?

You should. I really hope you do.

You see, listicles are pretty much the devil. They're like logos with two crossed elements, or websites that show pointless statistics about a company's skills; Photoshop: 100! – they're a pastiche, the equivalent of a cultural belch, a pimple on the bum cheeks of creative endeavour. But most importantly, they'll change your brand's personality.

When you read them, you'll notice they're always empty calories. And when you start to notice the same sources they're coming from, you attribute that 'emptiness' to those brands. Those brands become shallow because of the content they purvey.

Content without content is like junk food: The more you consume, the more you seek it (NYTimes, Time Magazine, Newsweek). So, listicles beget listicles. Get it? Gross, huh?

So stop. Your brand deserves to be fine dining, to open the bottle and let it breathe.

I'm not going to give you five reasons why, because that one reason should suffice.

And I don't like listicles.

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