• Craig Brown

Your Brand Is Just Observable Data

Every time I get into a conversation about branding I start to question my life choices.

The sheer unfathomable depths of the bullshit in branding-speak nearly breaks me. Most branders think they're alchemists, that they possess some magical power to "transform interactions into memorable experiences".

But recently, I found myself on the receiving end of a little gold nugget. In a conversation with a friend, the topic of the reflexive loop, or ladder of inference came up. And it made me think: We kind of do that with brands. We take the observable data, we form opinions and then we base our current and future decisions on those opinions.

I'm not going to address whether we should act like this or not. We do. So we should probably get busy accepting our foibles.

So, if that's the case – All brands are just the result of observable data. We have the ability to influence those early interactions, to create an impression; but we don't get many opportunities to change opinions.

It's scary, huh? I thought so. It sort of means that you've got to have your story straight from day one. That you have to care more about the first interaction, because you might not get a second shot.

I'll think about it a bit more, and maybe I'll change my mind. But I've kind of already formed an opinion.

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