• Craig Brown

The Oxymoron of Main Media.

It’s bugged me for a long time. The way calling something ‘main’ can influence a decision. How a name like that somehow can imply a usefulness or importance that has no relevance to the campaign it will be used for.

In a time where newspapers can’t sell copies, let alone space. In a world where Free-to-air television is battling just to stay relevant, how do we possibly justify calling them ‘main media’?

In my opinion all media is equal. I don’t hate TV, it’s very useful at times. I’ve seen radio absolutely smash it. I’ll recommended newspaper regularly. But it’s just wrong to think of these channels as a dietary staple. They’re simply part of the feast.

These days, you need to pick your own ‘main’ media – and be willing to change that decision. Too often now, brands choose media like there’s no choice but broadcast and print, and plan like there’s no choice but digital. But that’s a rant for another day.

For now, the challenge is to stop thinking like there’s only a box, and start acting like there’s a goal.

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