• Craig B

Acceptable-Schmacceptable or The Importance of Being Awesome

People often question me regarding work/life balance. I wish they'd stop. But as long as I continue to work odd/long hours, the questions will probably keep coming.

Over the years, I've 'worked' in a lot of different jobs. I'm inquisitive and I like to try things, so it never felt like wasted time to me (I'm sure my parents disagreed, though). Funnily enough, I never actually hated any of them. I knew I wasn't good at a few of them and I could tell when others thought so too (awkward!). But that didn't stop me from being interested in the machinations of each and every one of those businesses.

At each job, I learnt a new tactic for dealing with 'X', or gained a new understanding of problem 'Y'.

I think work is a word that people erroneously use to describe being paid for performing a task. I like to think of my work as being 'generally interested'. Because that's what I'm good at–and it just so happens to be the one thing that I enjoy, that people will actually pay me for.

The tasks I perform as a result of that don't actually matter. They change–without fail–nearly every year.

I'm sure that people fall into all sorts of jobs and don't necessarily enjoy them, but that's hardly a good reason for not being good at what you do. In fact it's barely a reason for anything at all. It's more of an excuse for not caring. Get in, or get out.

Try being awesome at what you're doing, or maybe just try doing something that you're already awesome at.

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