• Craig Brown

Feeling Metricsexual?

Starting to get a little bit turned on by your own data? You're not the only one, but get your hands back out of your pants, this post isn't like that!

Measuring the effectiveness of a campaign with sexy, sexy data has become compulsory and we're all digging it. But there's one thing that keeps bugging me: It's a little bit self absorbed and time consuming.

It kind of reminds me of watching for new likes on a particularly bait-y Facebook post, or checking in regularly to see if your Twitter followers have increased.

I've occasionaly found myself with half a dozen tabs open, hitting refresh on the analytics, Facebook insights, EDM results (and the rest), over and over again – just getting off on the changing numbers. But I always come away feeling a little dirty.

I should only be viewing the data I need, checking on it and tending to the campaign assets, like a good gardener or a loving father. That would be a better use of my time. But the numbers are so damn sexy, I want them all!

What I need is a plan. Some boundaries. A safe word.

When you're planning a marketing activity, it's a really good idea to have a rationale for what you're going to measure and how you're going to measure it. It'll help you to make rational decisions about the next steps to take with your campaign and you won't get that dirty data-porn feeling.

So next time you're getting ready to sit down for a few hours with your tabs open and your finger poised above the refresh key – stop – think to yourself "What am I trying to achieve here" and write it down.

That way, you're not just drooling over all the sexy numbers on screen like some kind of horny teenager.

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